Raid Shadow Legends Starter

Raid Shadow Legends Starter

If you are looking for the Raid Shadow Legends Starter guide and want to know which characters are the best for the Raid Shadow Legends Starters, then follow this blog to know some basic tips and starter players.

Today I am going to tell you how to avoid some of the pitfalls that most of the new gamers face and also how to select your best first champion raid shadow legends. 

If you are starting a game of just a new account, why not start as a champion. Here, in my blog, I will tell you some of the best time, energy, and money-saving tricks. So let’s jump into the main points.

1. Don’t Waste Money as Raid Shadow Legends Starter:

Whenever you will start a new account, more than a dozen of popups will appear on your screen offering you different tools, players, gems, etc. Just do not buy anything you will get these things for free as your level will increase.

Just focus on your quest and daily challenges that will pay the worth of your time. Focus on your daily, weekly, and monthly quests to get on the top. Start with little just to get to the top priorities.

2. Start with Best First Champion Raid Shadow Legends:

Raid Shadow Legends Starter Kale
Raid Shadow Legends Starter Kale

How to select your best first champion raid shadow legends as Raid Shadow Legends Starter, is not difficult. There are four most powerful and best first champion raid shadow legends. They are Kael, Elhain, Galek and Athel. Kale is the most viable and powerful player out of these four players.

If you are selecting any other player, you are going to make trouble for yourself. Just try your best to get the kale to his all-stars and then watch the show. He will be your most viable endgame player.

You have to focus on one champion to understand how the game works and master his skills. Kale will help you to get to the six stars quickly to assemble your own team as Raid Shadow Legends Starter.

3. Use Arena Tokens:

Raid Shadow Legends Starter Use Arena Tokens
Raid Shadow Legends Starter Use Arena Tokens

Participating in everything in the game is the best option to get fast promotions. Use your arena tokens and start some of in arena battles. The arena tokens are added one token per hour and you will not run out of them during the gameplay.

This will help you to upgrade your great hall, as a result, you will get the promotion. Best practice as Raid Shadow Legends Starter. It will increase your HP, attacks, and other perks.

Now after achieving these, you can now upgrade your skills like attack, resist, HP, etc. Firstly focus on the accuracy, magic, and defend as they are the most important aspects of the game. Besides this use your campaign farms to link up your food.

4. Farming and Pulling:

Raid Shadow Legends Starter Farming and Pulling
Raid Shadow Legends Starter Farming and Pulling

Farming and pulling is another best practice to upgrade your champions and get the stars you want. Select your best champion a farmer like we said it will be kale. With kale select your most common champions who will eventually die during this battle.

This process will help kale to upgrade his stars with the support of these characters. You will have to do this with all of your team one by one. It is indeed a time-taking process but it’s worth it.

Pulling can b easily be done at the mystery shards. It’s easy just click on the mystery shards and get the reward. Pull all of them to get the extra points and they will help you in Raid Shadow Legends Trade.

5. Best First Champion Raid Shadow Legends: 

Raid Shadow Legends Starter Best Champions
Raid Shadow Legends Starter Best Champions

1. Kael:

As I told you earlier, kale is the best player to play and is considered as Raid Shadow Legends Best Starter. If you want to get the best game experience and become a champion, just select the kale instead of any other Raid Shadow Legends Starters.

2. Elhain:

After kale, she is the most powerful character of the game to play with. Just try to upgrade her to the six stars to use full magic and perks of her. Her fighting style is different from others but fantastic.

3. Galek:

Glake stores the most power and has the greater HP value. It’s the character that is needed for the support while you are in the middle of a terrible battle.  Glake also has an endgame impact on it. As Raid Shadow Legends Starter you must include glake into your list.

4. Athel:

The best Talerian attacker is the athel. He has the power of Selfbuff that makes him the powerful character to play with. Selfbuffind allows to defend himself during the battle.

For a complete guide on Best First Champion Raid Shadow Legends click this link.

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