NZXT Temp Monitor

When playing games or doing other intensive processing, the temperature is extremely important. NZXT Temp Monitor is one of the best software that enables you to monitor your PC processing and temperature. It provides you the complete status of your PC temperature and processing.

You can attach the thermal sensor monitor directly to your Processor CPU on a heatsink that will indicate the temperature on a digital screen. This free application has a clean and understandable graphical interface with easy-to-use tools. PC heat is your system’s worst enemy. It will strangle your PC system and will destroy the hardware components slowly.

To keep your computer system cool, you have to monitor the temperature constantly. NZXT Temp Monitor also provides a complete cooling system for your PC. They have built a complete set of cooling accessories that you need to take care of your computer system.  NZXT Temp Monitor have their specific software known as NZXT Temp App or NZXT CAM Software. Both these applications are used for on-screen display on your PC.

Why Do You Need NZXT Temp Monitor?

If your computer system is running properly, then why do you need NZXT Temp Monitor? It is because there is no temperature sensing software of application builtin the Windows. There is no such app of function. Therefore you have to monitor your CPU temperature and GPU temperature during the gameplay, so it may not damage your hardware.

NZXT Temp Monitor Main Menu

NZXT Temp Monitor Main Menu

If you are having a high GPU temperature issue, and you have to manually set the speed of your GPU fans, then it will be hard for you to do it again and again. But this application has internal monitoring and fan setups that make it easy to schedule your fan time. You can set the fan speed to high during the hot summer days and slow it down during the nighttime. All you have to do is just schedule the time in the software.

NZXT Temp Monitor Overlay:

NZXT Temp Monitor has its own beautiful and clear screen overly that provides you the detailed status of your CPU & GPU temperature. You can set the settings of the application from the main menu. Set the overlay on any corner of the screen while playing games to monitor temperature and even the game FPS.

NZXT Temp Monitor Overlay

NZXT Temp Monitor Overlay

This application also supports the RGB settings of your computer. They have listed many popular games to the software’s database that turns the light colors according to the game automatically. If you have connected all your cooling devices with this application, you can manage them easily and with few clicks.

Key features of this application include the real-time temperature, processing, and bandwidth status. It will also give you real-time storage status and cleanup suggestions that make your disk usage less than the average. Sometimes you have full disk or 100% disk usage errors. All these errors are due to excess storage. These issues can be resolved by keeping an eye on your storage capacity.

NZXT also provides the beta version of their latest monitor for the beta testers. So if you want to test the product you can use these beta testers completely free. These applications are not specifically made just for the NZXT products like fans, light, and coolers, but you can use them in your simple operating system. This monitoring software is best while you are overclocking your CPU processor.

NZXT Temp Monitor RGB Controls

NZXT Temp Monitor RGB Controls

There are many other products provided by the NZXT besides NZXT Temp Monitor. NZXT also Gives you gaming cases for PC, Gaming motherboards, Gaming RGB fans, Coolers, and many more. To try the Application, click the link below.

Download The NZXT Temp Monitor Here.

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