Minecraft Wooden Tower

Minecraft Wooden Tower

In Minecraft, there are a lot of ideas that could be applied to make the huge structure. You can even create a city of your own. Minecraft Wooden Tower is our discussion topic today. There are more than 50 Minecraft Wooden Tower shapes. I am going to describe a few of them and how you can design them as well.

In Minecraft, you have to collect resources to build a fine structure. In this tutorial on how to make Minecraft Wooden Tower, you will need a lot of wood and some basic materials like cobalt stone and iron resources.

Maldives Minecraft Wooden Tower:

Maldives Minecraft Wooden Tower
Maldives Minecraft Wooden Tower

Construct a 5 by 5 (5×5) square by digging into the earth in only one block. Do not remove the corner block of all four sides. Fill the base with wood planks. Keep in mind to use similar wood for the base and all other base structures.

Construct the walls of the tower by constructing the walls. 20 blocks should be the height of these first walls. As we are making the tower of 30 blocks high. Construct the pillars on the remaining corners. Use different colored wood for the pillars. 

Fine raw wood blocks are best as it gives the natural view to the tower. But it is difficult to collect this amount of raw wood.

Now break the wall from one side where you want to build a wooden door. Break three centered blocks from the bottom of the wall. Construct a window by breaking two blocks on the upper side of the door after leaving three wooden blocks.

You can place simple glass in the window and some planks as a balcony. Place a pot on the balcony to make it look more beautiful. Construct another balcony with a more standing area on the upper side of the window.

Remove some extra blocks to place the study desk as they will give you a view of the railing.

Minecraft Wooden Tower shapes
Minecraft Wooden Tower shapes

Repeat all these same structures on all sides. You can use a lantern to add an old and attractive look to the Minecraft Wooden Tower. Inside the tower, there is a huge room of 5×5, constructed with round stairs along the walls up to the roof. 

Make large floors around each balcony to stop and view the forest’s beauty. Nor make the roof by covering just like the base but make it about 13 x 13 blocks.

Ultimate Survival Minecraft Wooden Tower:

Ultimate Survival Minecraft Wooden Tower
Ultimate Survival Minecraft Wooden Tower

Make 7 x 7 squares using raw wood planks/blocks. You need some cobalt stone walls to place on the outer sides of these raw planks. Now construct all the walls up to the 20-25 blocks. 

Construct the corner pillars with different wood structures. To protect the tower from the mob, grow wheat around the tower in a similar pattern just like the tower base.

At the very upper end, place the spruce slap on the pillar. Now place a spruce fence on the pillars. Just on the two sides which are visible for an outside view. Place some cobalt wall after every three 3 fences. It will give the Minecraft Wooden Tower a sleek look.

Fill the gap between walls with spruce wood raw blocks or you can use oak if you want to. Now make holes in the walls to make a balcony. Remove the blocks like the castle door style. Place a lantern in the upper center of the door. Now make the exact balcony on the remaining three sides.

You can place the grass block in the corners of the balcony. Do not construct the rooftop like the previous tower. Make a huge balcony on the rooftop. Tower’s height must be 25 blocks. How to just add blocks to the corner pillars up to the 30 blocks?

Now make a cone shape on the top using polished cobalt stone. This structure will give the defensive look to your tower. The grown wheat will protect the tower from mobs. You can also make a path between the wheat and construct a wooden railing door in front of your Minecraft Wooden Tower shapes. Do not forget to check our latest Minecraft Date Ideas Guide.

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