Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Doctor Who Worlds Apart is a digital card game. Right now it is most anticipating blockchain game. Let’s go through, whats is going on in that game. In most games like PUBG or Fortnite, you buy a skin or any item, it’s just an in-game item and is blocked in your account.

But in Doctor Who Worlds Apart, your team is tokenized and added to your account. The advantage of this step is that now you have that item forever.

You can also use that item from your account to anyone else’s account. You can also take out and sell that item to other users. This is called the blockchain game.

In other words, this is a gaming application that allows items to be entered into a decentralized database. Another advantage of such an item is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the game again and again.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Cards

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Cards

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, is one of the most popular digital trading card games in the world on the market today. It is the BBC’s first digital trading game truly based on a TV show called Doctor Who. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys imaginary worlds such as magic and aliens.

Playing this game is not so difficult. You have different cards that do different jobs on the deck. The creature card is a card that causes serious damage to the dealers and blockers in your game and retrieves your card strength.

While the upgrade card does the function of giving strength to the rest of alien or companions cards. The opponent selects three different cards at a time and shows them to you.

You also have to select the cards for display in Doctor Who Worlds Apart. Both the cards are revealed and the battle begins. If your cards are stronger, then they will destroy the opponent’s cards in seconds. There is also a Doctor Who Worlds Apart one million card. 

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Deck

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Deck

Some cards are considered destructive like the moment card, purpose of the moment card is to block all the creature cards and help the rest of the cards to eliminate the main card.

There are other interesting cards too. Like the flashcard, it changes the action of the opponent and produces the best response automatically. Object cards are similar to creature cards, they do not block but have many other useful purposes.

Phenomenon cards are just like the object but have greater strength and bigger abilities than the object card in Doctor Who Worlds Apart. All these cards assist in gameplay. If you want to be a pro in Doctor Who Worlds Apart then you have to learn its strategies.

Card Levels of Doctor Who Worlds Apart:

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Card Levels

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Card Levels

There are different card levels like one, four, seven, then, etc. You can earn the card cover according to the card level. Like for card level one, you have to black card covers, that will indicate to your opponent that you are playing with level one.

While in level two, you will have a golden card case. In short, you can upgrade card covers after achieving the new levels of the game. There is an option to purchase custom-made cards too. They are fantastic and marvelous looking cases.

The right and left lower corners of the cards show digital numbers. They are the strength and health of the cards. You can also browse the card statistics by viewing the card.

A report will display your card health and strength, how many matches you have played, the death and win ratios, tournaments, globals, and the destructions and losses of your cards. It may also indicate the remaining health of the card.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Card Description

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Card Description

By mastering the skill of attacking and blocking, you will be able to deal with the worst situations in this game. Keep mastering the skills that will help you in the card trade.

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