Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator

There is always a debate on Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator. Which Ram module is more powerful and best for use. This debate around the corsair fans is very long and maybe never-ending. But we will try to sum up some of the important facts on Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator. 

Overview of Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator: 

Overview of Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator

Overview of Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator

Module Config



Module Memory

16GB (2 x 8 GB)


32GB (8 x 4 GB)

16GB (2 x 8 GB)


32GB (8×4 GB)

CAS Latacy

16.0 Clocks

14-15 Clocks

CAS Delay

18 Clocks

19 Clocks

Clock Speed

4100 MHz

3200 MHz

Memory Color

BLACK or White


LED Lighting


RGB Lights

Memory Kit



Overall results show that the Dominator performs better than the Vengeance in performance. Most of the things are common in both but when it is about overclocking, Dominator wins the game.

In the case of Vengeance, there are a lot of other advantages like fast heat dissipation due to pure aluminum heatsinks. The customer PCB helps equally spreading of the head during the overclocking. Each IC is specialized to dissipate heat directly to the aluminum.

Both the Dominator and Vengeance series are old enough to defend themselves. But in the recent debate of Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator, the latest version of Dominator crosses the points above the average.

After about 25 years of quality product production, Dominator introduced the latest DOMINATOR® PLATINUM RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Memory Kit to its fans. 

With 4800MGH of speed and best performance Dominator gave the minimum memory delay and fastest air cooling. Due to these features, it surpasses all the existing memory modules.

Having the worlds fastest overclocking headroom completes its overclocking circle without the delay. The best thing about Dominator Platinum is that it has those sleek-looking LEDs. You can customize them using iCUE.

While in the race of Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator, Corsair Vengeance has 2.0 XMP support which is the setting mode to adjust the clock speed to the best top and stable speed.

Aluminum heat spreaders provide the best and fast air cooling makes overclocking super easy. Low profile design helps it to fit in the small customized PC systems.

Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator LPX

Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator LPX

Both Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator is auto adjustable modules. They run at the top best speed according to your system module requirement.

Cache speed is also notable for both modules. Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator both performs the best in caching speed. This helps in the rendering of graphics and other processes.

By breaking down these results many conclusions are the same but some notable results like Hz and clock speed according to channels are different. Why, because both of the modules have different Mhz.

In this case, the delay Mhz will be affected highly. The last frequency channel slot will provide the highest Hz as compared to other channels. It has a voltage difference.

In Corsair Dominator, the new version of the heatsink is directly attached to the IC on the PCB module. It is to directly absorb the heat and prevent instant cooling even in overclocking.

They have used Dual-Path DHX cooling technology in the dominator for this purpose. This technology spreads the heat allover the heatsink evenly and fastly so its easy to cool it down,

Comparison Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator

Comparison Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator

While if we see in the Avengeance memory modules, The individual IC is tried to cover from all the sides by making a box-like structure of the aluminum. But it lessens the contact area between the IC and Heatsink.

They are only available in Black color not in white or any other colors. They also have mono-chromatic lights. The price comparison of both the modules is also different. One is approximately $135 (Dominator) while the Avengance is approximately $75.

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