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Corsair Dominator

The best thing that could happen to your computer is Corsair Dominator. Corsair Dominator is an RGB RAM module with up to 16GB of memory. No one in the industry is still able to produce a DDR4 ram with 3000+ mega Hertz having a C15 memory kit in it.  Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB RGB DDR4 memory modules are the finest of all with high-speed cache ability.

Corsair Dominator is an iconic ram chip with a refined design having RGB gives more grace to your PC setup. It has 12 Ultra individually addressable Capellix RGB LED lights. Easily accessible and customizable LED lights. You can alter their lights and sequence using the RGB customizers or application software of Corsair Dominator.

Die-casting and anodization of less are fabulous to produce the best glow around them. Having four shields around it to dissipate the heat and protect from external conditions makes its design more elegant. With high-performance, PCB and hand sorted screened memory Corsair Dominator chips provide endless performance.

Under extreme conditions, the DHX cooling system provides the heat stabilizing effect to secure the module. Even the extreme load and temperature can not affect the performance of your ram anymore. With the range from 3000 to 4800 Mega hertz, Corsair Dominator stands alone in this gaming industry.

Overclocking provides the same results without degrading the performance of heat stabilizing capacity. Corsair iCUE is a dynamic RGB controller used to control the light luminocity level and color. Real-time temperature and frequency stabilize even in the harsh external environment.

Compatibility of Motherboards with Corsair Dominator:

Compatibility of Motherboards with Corsair Dominator
Compatibility of Motherboards with Corsair Dominator

Corsair Dominator is optimized for all the present latest Intel or AMD motherboards. It can also work on any of your gaming motherboards including ASUS and ROG. The edition is different but they are compatible with them. Motherboard customization does not effect the module performance however, each motherboard has its own sides of attachment that may affect the module.

There are two major types of Corsair Dominator in the market, the black one, and the white sleek design. The platinum is completely matted with no reflections makes the LED light more obvious at one point. Heat spreaders and heat fins of both the modules are changed in new designs.

It has micron E-type microchips, these chips are best at running consistently and performing the best.

How to setup Corsair Dominator Platinium:

How to setup Corsair Dominator Platinium
How to setup Corsair Dominator Platinium

Unlike all other ram modules, you will need some extra space in your CPU body. As they are quite large in size comparing to the common module because of their LED pannels. You can also customize the lighting separately on both rams by changing the channel mode to 2 by 2, 1 by 4, or 4 by 4 channels.

You can customize the light effect of each module separately too. You can dim full any of the modules by clicking and changing the option. You can also set the overclocking and temperature with the lights. For example, if the heat is increasing and the module is above the normal temperature, lights will turn red automatically.

Corsair Dominator gives more best performance graphs than the Corsair Vengeance. As it is not cheap and you are buying a premium quality product you have to consider price range too.

Gaming Review of Corsair Dominator:

Gaming Review of Corsair Dominator
Gaming Review of Corsair Dominator

The overall performance of this module is great  if you try it without overclocking. Overclocking provides the best results as it was checked on Assassin Creed’sOdyssey, It gave about 1070 FPS on 1080p medium with full 3600 MHz while gave 763 on Ultra 1440p medium. Thats not quite a huge difference.

But if ou lower the overclocking up to 2133 MHz, the 1080p medium yields 886 FPS while showed 683 FPS on Ultra 1440p medium. For high end graphical combination you also need a high end graphic GPU like RTX 3080.I hope you have found what you were looking for.

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