5 FPS Games for Mac Owners to Try in 2022

5 FPS Games for Mac Owners to Try in 2022

Gaming on a MacBook is not a popular option considering that there are gaming laptops, custom-built PCs, and gaming consoles.

Nevertheless, Mac owners can still find plenty of games to play, even if they have a device with somewhat lackluster hardware.

First-person shooters are a popular genre, and since there are so many different games to try, you should not have problems finding one that suits your interests.

Below, you will find a list of interesting FPS games for Mac.


BioShock is the first IP on the list. If you were to look at some gameplay videos and read about the series, the first impression could be that it is not your traditional FPS game.

Sure, there are guns that you use to progress by killing enemies, but the overall developer approach to the franchise is about storytelling. It is particularly noticeable in the first game when at times, the feeling is that you do not have enough bullets to keep up with the enemies and need to find other ways to overcome them.

Nevertheless, combining excellent storytelling with shooting elements makes BioShock an FPS game and a good one at that. There are currently three games in the franchise, so be sure to start with the first and move your way up.


Borderlands is another example of an excellent video game franchise that combines FPS elements with RPG elements. The hook is that you get loot and can progress your character with different guns and other accessories that go with your character.

Right now, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the latest installment, but you should treat Borderlands games as one big story. It is necessary to start with the first game as well as the prequel series. Telltale Borderland games are also worth a shout, though they are there for story enthusiasts rather than players who enjoy the action.

You should find a lot of fun in going through the content in Borderlands and learning about the world. Humor is one of the strongest aspects of the game, and there are plenty of great characters that make the Borderlands world quite enjoyable.

As for the gameplay, the shooting and movement feel really smooth, and while the later games are superior to the first games, you should still enjoy Borderlands from start to finish.

Killing Floor

Sometimes, finding yourself in a room full of enemies to kill is exactly the gameplay you are looking for. Killing Floor is a great example of such a game. There is nothing complicated about this one. You simply go on an adventure and try to survive as long as you can while going up against hordes of enemies. 

Keep note, though, that you might reach a point when there are quite a few enemies to handle, so do not be surprised if your MacBook overheats due to too much load on the internal hardware.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the flagships of Valve, the biggest digital game distributor in the world.

The competitive side of the game is second to none as far as first-person shooters go. The biggest tournaments always attract large audiences, especially when there is a LAN event. Online tournaments, while not having as impressive viewership numbers as LAN events, are still nothing to discard.

Following the competitive scene is an interesting aspect of the game, but what about those who want to play it?

Well, you can get a game on Steam for a relatively low price. And from there, you are free to play it as much as you want.

It might take a while to get used to the gameplay and guns, as well as how different maps work, but that is to be expected.

Once you get past the basic stuff, you will begin to realize how better you are getting with each match. 

Deathmatch mode is great for warmups and training. If you are looking to get as much action as possible without having to wait for a respawn after dying in regular matches, go for the DM mode, then.

Dying Light

Dying Light is another FPS game that is focused more on the story rather than the shooting element. Like the name suggests, there is an element of horror and survivor. Early on, you might struggle to get the hang of this game because it does not really hold your hand much as a player.

Nevertheless, it does not take that long to figure out the mechanics and other aspects. Once you go over that hurdle, you can continue working on your progress and enjoying the game to the fullest.

Also, note that Dying Light already has a second installment, so you will want to check the first game before going for the sequel.

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